If all goes well for a bunch of startups, it might not be very long before an average middle class Indian home turning into ‘smart home’. A technology most seen as affordable only by the high end homes, the Indian middle class has so far been reluctant to embrace home automation.
However, few startups are trying to give the concept an image makeover and make it affordable by focusing on price points and customisations that suit the Indian market.

As per a report by Redseer Consulting the home automation market in India is estimated to be around Rs 6800 crore and the residential segment home automation is growing at a CAGR of 35-40%. The report observes that the market is still in its growth phase with a significant gap for more innovative and connected systems, and high product costs and moderate levels of satisfaction among the customers act as key constraints.

Solutions offered by many big players are wired solutions. It’s operationally inefficient and costs more than three to four times what we offer.

Swati Vyas, cofounder of home automation startup Cubical Labs.


“It might take half an hour for installation and would cost around Rs 60,000 to fully automate a house. Through our device one can monitor the energy being consumed by each device and by integrating IP cameras into this you can also get a live feed. Through the cubical app it can be controlled from anywhere in the world,” said Vyas.

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