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In the last several years, tech startup space in India has seen tremendous activity.  The number of tech startups, the quality of the ideas and entrepreneurs has matured dramatically.  From a slow start in 2005 to rapid growth in 2016, India is the fastest, and the arguably the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. In 2015, Microsoft decided to take stock of the progress startup space had made and published a blog – The Great Indian Startup Ecosystem Periodic Table. The viewpoint of the blog was developed with the lens of funds raised. Not surprisingly, startups from ecommerce, consumer services and marketplaces dominated the growth stories, the mindshare and the numbers.

India has been known for its eCommerce and B2C startups, 7 of the 9 unicorns in India are B2C startups, and together have raised 15x more funding than the B2B unicorns in India. The rapid ecommerce growth in India feeds the mainstream fascination with startups.  Ecommerce evolved from listing, to portals, to marketplaces, and from web-based to mobile.  With eCommerce sector looking to be a US$100B market by 2020, this sector is throwing up unprecedented challenges to entrepreneurs in reach, volume and complexity.  This has led to ecommerce companies sourcing deep technologies from tech startups.  Some of this has also translated into them acquiring and acquihiring tech startups to solve their problems.

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