It is 12 years of Technology Fast 50 in India. The India initiative which dovetailed the Global Tech Fast 500 and 50 programs and started in 2005 has become the pre-eminent program for recognizing excellence in Technology by businesses originating from India and we are truly humbled by the appreciation and enthusiasm of the participants over the years.

India in the last ten years has transformed from being a generic technology services supplier to being a sophisticated driver of global supply and demand for technology. India today stands on the threshold of the next wave of growth with emphasis on technology and digital transformation to be the key enablers. The incentives and activities that the Government of India is proposing, implementing into the ecosystem is only going to accelerate the emergence of innovative technologies and business ideas from India.

In such exciting times, it is a privilege to announce the winners of our Twelfth edition of Deloitte Fast 50 India 2016, continuing our effort to recognize, honor and encourage those businesses and entrepreneurs who are striving forward with remarkable revenue growth rates using their technology, innovations and quality of human resources. Sustaining growth in a competitive and dynamic environment needs innovation and adaptability on a continuous basis, and our Top 50 Winners of 2016 are a testament to this.

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