Nandini N is not your quintessential 20 year old. A few years ago, she had to put her education on hold to take care of her four year old daughter. But thanks to The/Nudge Foundation’s gurukul, she now has a job. Nandini, is one of the 66 graduates of the foundation’s sixth batch. The Bengaluru based non-profit startup has also completed a year of operations.

“I had to stop studying to take care of my school-going daughter and my family. I was afraid to talk to people or even get out of my house. After I joined the Gurukul, I decided that I am going to be independent no matter what. I want to educate my daughter so she has to never go through what I went through,” said Nandini.

The Gurukul, flagship initiative of The/Nudge, focuses on sustainable poverty alleviation by building a 360-degree life, learning and economic foundation for poor in residential ‘Gurukuls’, along with lifelong support system. This batch, funded by marketing and consulting company Sapient, has achieved a 100 % placement in two livelihoods- Beauty Services and Data Entry.

“The journey has been bitter-sweet. The good part has been to see your student’s life change. The quality of team has been really fantastic, very nice balance. (On the other side) the donor maturity in India to support organization building is quite behind the rest of the world. We need more capital availability for good work,” said Atul Satija, CEO, The/Nudge.

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