In 2011, Greg Moran spent three months traveling across India, talking to thousands of people for what he says was primary research for his fledgling startup idea: to launch a car rental service in Asia’s fastest growing economy.

The New York resident decided to marry his passion for environment and numbers, and launched Zoomcar in India – where less than 10 percent of city residents own cars, and public transport can often be a nightmare.

“In 2012, I booked a trip to the US for Thanksgiving and I didn’t know if I was coming back. Then we signed a deal with Ramesh Tours and Travels [owned by famously rich barber Ramesh],” he told Tech in Asia.

Ramesh, for those who do not know, is popularly known as the “Barber with the Rolls Royce.”

His company owns 127 cars.

“For the first 15 months we were just in Bangalore and then we launched in Pune, and then we went to Delhi,” said Greg.

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