Social Alpha has recently announced incubation support for LetsEndorse, a NASSCOM 10k social enterprise co-founded by Monika Shukla and Varun Kashyap. As such, LetsEndorse becomes a part of the larger ecosystem Social Alpha that nurtures start-up teams through their lab to market journey and has already created a portfolio of 10 start-ups in its first year of operation.

LetsEndorse, a team of technologists and social enthusiasts, embarked upon the journey to consolidate the fragmented development ecosystem, where most social organizations keep continuing with their welfare-oriented approach (rather than development). There is little access to proven and ground-breaking social innovations in absence of which they end up reinventing the wheel and prolonging their deployment cycles. On the other hand, most promising models do not scale-up due to lack of resources and outreach. The social venture was incubated by NASSCOM in February and has been working with over 150 social innovators in scaling-up their ground-breaking models in the most befitting contexts. The platform also boasts of over 130 NGOs from all over India and have developed a state-of-the-art technology suite for non-profits. They are also working closely with a few corporations in driving their social engagements, in an inclusive manner.

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