Amitabh Saran, the chief executive of Altigreen Propulsion Labs, and his team had a unique problem. They had to remove a film of deposit off their thin laminations. Every possible idea was thought of—scrubbing with a rag, washing, using a rust remover.

Engineering head John Bangura did not endorse any of these. He wanted a chemical into which the laminations could be dipped to remove the stains. Bangura knew such a thing existed in the United States. The team was in a fix until a vendor referred someone who could possibly supply such a chemical. Phone calls were made and the chemical was promised. The team waited with bated breath.

“We hear this faint kei kei horn noise at the gate. Guess who shows up? A guy in the ricketiest Luna I’ve ever seen in my life. I swear to god man, the ricketiest. There is this guy on it, one foot on the pedal and below the other foot is this white plastic drum,” said Saran.
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