One Startup Has The Most External Funding, The Other Has Been Bootstrapping For 20 Years. Both Flipkart Founders Sachin Bansal And Binny Bansal, And Zoho’s Sridhar Vembu Have Started Giving Back, Investing Time And Money In Other Startups .

Flipkart’s billionaire founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are among the most active investors in startups. They have invested in more than 20 early-stage ventures, many of them with audacious goals.For the first time, they speak about what’s driving this passion.

Binny: For me, investing in startups is a way of giving back. I believe startups are going to be engines of change and job growth in India. My goal is to put more than 50% of my wealth into startups. Already, 30% of my liquid portfolio (wealth that is not in the form of Flipkart shares) is in startups. When we are involved, the startup gets better leverage.Sachin: The objective is to help other companies with the knowledge we have gained as well as keep ourselves updated. Flipkart is not the whole world, there are things happening in healthcare and education that one can learn a lot from and help Flipkart.

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