Amid the corporate war raging within Tata Sons, which has also highlighted Ratan Tata’s work as angel investor in startups after his earlier retirement in 2012, startup founders have come out in strong support of the Tata scion.

Ratan Tata-funded cab aggregator Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal said in a recent online article that the former has been the most important person, both for him as well as Ola.

“What seems to be a case of a large shareholder losing trust and confidence has become ‘heels dug in’ public fight with a lot of mud being thrown around,” Aggarwal wrote.

“Tata has been very active in investing and supporting the young startup ecosystem. His investment amounts are small and clearly wouldn’t make much of impact to him either way financially if the company does well or not. Its very clear that he does this out of passion and through a desire to help and engage with the community,” he added.

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